A privileged location

puerto de O Barqueiro  The O Forno hotel is surrounded with an environment of extraordinary beauty. Placed in the port of El Barquero - belonging to Mañón's municipality-, town of maritime tradition, with the nearness of mountains and rivers where to enjoy of the nature, of beaches of calm and clean seawaters ... the combination of the sea and the mountain.


You will be able to contemplate the immensity of the Cantabrian sea in its approximation with the Atlantic Ocean, from the "Estaca de Bares" cape, with its famous lighthouse and the ruins of what one day was a military North American installation. In this region is located the most old rocky formations of the Iberian Peninsula and the cliffs most height of the continent.


The nearby localities like Vicedo, Viveiro, Cariño and Ortigueira, are an unmissable visit.


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